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The History of YoderDo:

Summer 2007: One of Quyen’s cousin’s in Europe sent us a few quilling cards approximately one inch square in size. Although the designs were small and not of high quality, those cards provided the initial foundation that eventually lead to our own business. It took us several months working with friends and family in Saigon to work out the details for our new business.

Summer to Winter of 2007: We decided to go all the way committing ourselves to our new found product with a few basic business rules to keep us faithful to what we wanted in a business. Some of these basic rules are: Offer a high quality hand-made product; offer that product for a fair and reasonable price; always trying to beat the flat-card prices; provide a community investment of good jobs within the local economy in Saigon, and take whatever profit we make and reinvest within the business, and expand the business to offer better products and services to our customers in the future.

April 2008: Quyen flew back to Saigon to meet with friends, family and business partners and to arrange for our first export shipments to the USA. We were also working on the import and Custom’s part here back at home. Our first order arrived before summer, but we had no means of marketing our product.
June 2008: We received our City permit and also our California paperwork starting the business under the name of

YoderDo DBA quillingcards.com (both of our last names).
July 2008: We did not have many cards designs and only two card sizes at that time. We wanted to get some exposure and input from customers so we started attending some street fairs in Oceanside. Our success was better then expected and what most vendor’s were having and return customers were coming back asking for more designs and sizes.

This in turn brought in new customers and as these customers sent our cards to family and friends, we started building a foundation for our business.

October 2008: We started two more sizes, a smaller gift card and a larger picture frame size that captures the intricate design concepts. Many more designs followed and we also expanded into larger street fairs in north San Diego County. We also completed 14 new Christmas designs that were big hits just in time for Christmas.

February 2009: The expanding business required another trip to Saigon to expand design concepts, to make sure quality control was a top priority and work with friends and family to make sure future orders could be met.

May 2009: Started looking for some stores along the southern California coast to display and sell our card products.

We continued going to selected street fairs that were close by. Quyen started working on a website to display and sell our hand-made quilling cards.

September 2009: Quyen finished our Quilling website. We received our first YoderDo website purchases of our hand-made quilling cards and also processed another large order of cards along with new designs. Quyen and I try to make at lest several new card designs each time we order so we can offer our customers new products at different times of the year.

September – November 2009: Cards and racks were introduced into 14 stores along the coast in San Diego and in Orange counties.

December 2009: Completed the first corporate special orders of Christmas quilling cards.


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