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Our cards and pictures are designed using the highest quality of paper products. Paper is cut into 1/16 inch thin slices of paper. The paper is then rolled, or shaped into different designs. These smaller designs are then assembled together to create a new larger figure, design, item, or shape. What is unique to the process is that the paper is not laid flat but is professionally glued and placed on its end. This allows the design to obtain a three dimensional look.

Other businesses have tried to mass produce quilling cards and products, but end up sacrificing quality for quantity. This is why most businesses just sell quilling books, strips of paper and other related by-products. YoderDo has brought together highly qualified employees where quality is the number one goal. More people are hired in order to produce more cards that meet our high quality standards.

The cards are designed to be used for different occasions. Our smaller cards can be used as name tags on presents, or can be stood on end so you can enjoy it at home, the office, or other locations that need a cheering up. Our medium size cards are made so you can write a small letter on the inside and send it to someone special, or give it to someone during those special moments or occasions. The larger cards are designed for more of a picture type look with even more detail. They can be used as a picture, or even hung on a wall. Some of the pictures are designed using wood products on a paper background that produces a special look.

No matter what the design, size, or color you select, you can rest assured it will capture the attention and imagination of all those who receive or see it.


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